Recycling Squad handles just about everything that a modern household may possess. We will undertake complete house clearances or the disposal of single items. We are fully licensed and insured waste carrier.

When we visit your homes we are always careful in the way we work. We will always discuss with you how we will do the job. This is important when there may be limited access or where you live in a multi-storied building.

What we ask of you is that your junk is clearly identified. In the case of equipment/machinery, make sure it has been properly disconnected from the electrical/gas/water supplies.

We will always endeavor to accommodate you by visiting at times which suit your household timetable. We will always be respectful of your home.

Your junk may be furniture, kitchen goods, appliances, clothes, soft furnishings, toys etc. You may also have glass, plastics, papers and packaging materials.

Gardens, sheds and garages also tend to be the ultimate destination of household junk on its journey through the home. This means the junk is a mixture of toys, furniture, electrical items, domestic goods, tools, old garden furniture and equipment. Just about everything else that a modern home can generate! This may appear formidable – but we can cope.

A good clearance can transform your garden and create lots of usable space.

Our first objective will be to work with our recycling partners, using licensed landfill as a last resort. Being responsible citizens and caring for the environment is an extra benefit of using the Recycling Squad.


Use Recycling Squad for all your domestic clearance.
Call 02032913947 for a free no obligation quotation for all your house clearance and rubbish clearance matters.

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The Recycling Squad are always aware that as a business customer time and space are valuable to you. We will always aim to be a trusted and preferred service provider. To achieve this we will, in turn, be businesslike.

We will meet at times to suit you, agree the methodology of clearance so as to minimize any disruptions to your operations and agree a timetable for completion.

We will always seek to provide the best “green” solution by maximum recycling. This will in turn allow your organization to demonstrate its social responsibility by being environmentally aware.

No job is too small or too large. Complete offices – equipment, furniture, storage, paper/books, carpets, fixtures/fittings, or retail – racking, shelving, cupboards, stock and factories – equipment, machinery, tools etc.

We know that many businesses accumulate junk regularly and do not wish it to accumulate so that it becomes unsightly, dirty, unhygienic and space consuming, creating a very negative image. We are used to working on a retained basis where we visit your premises regularly, at times and on dates convenient to you.

You will know that many electrical items are subject to strict disposal regulation – generally known as WEEE (Waste Electricals and Electronic Equipment) and we will ensure compliance with this regulation.

However, we cannot undertake work that may involve environmentally hazardous substances such as asbestos, chemicals, gases or liquids which is properly the work of approved specialists.

If you are a Landlord, Estate Agent, Property Manager, Land Agent or Housing Association your own professional service can be enhanced by partnering with Recycling Squad – to the benefit of your clients whilst broadening the range of customer service you can provide.


Contact 02032913947 for a free no obligation quotation for all your commercial waste disposal and collection matters.

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We charge by the amount of junk removed.

Our removals rates include all loading from anywhere on the premises, sweep-up and disposal.

    We don’t charge extra for parking
    We don’t charge extra for congestion
    We don’t charge extra for WEEE

    We are loading your rubbish
    We sweep up once your rubbish is loaded

    We charge according to weight with dense materials
    If your junk contains both household items and heavy waste please call us for a bespoke quote
    Extra time will be charged £10 per 10 minutes

    Domestic fridges from £25
    Commercial fridges from £50
    Mattress £15
    All prices are subject to V.A.T.

Volume Rates Removals Cost (Exc.VAT)
Load Size Cubic Yards Labour Allowance Light/Bulky
50kg 1-2 small items 5 mins £ 45.00
200kg 1.5 – 3 yd 10 mins £ 65.00
400kg 4yd 15 mins £ 85.00
750kg 8yd 30 mins £ 140.00
900kg 10yd 45 mins £ 160.00
1100kg 12yd 50 mins £ 190.00
1400kg 14yd 55 mins £ 220.00
1700kg 16yd 60 mins £ 250.00

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Head Office

23 Patio Close

London SW4 8JE

East London Office

44 Essex Road

London IG11 7QL

West London Office

10 Lena Gardens

London W6 7PZ

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