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Domestic Rubbish Removal in London

Recycling Squad handles just about everything that a modern household may possess. We are fully licensed and insured waste carrier, and we will dispose any unwanted waste from your home with extra care. Items that you once needed might be gathering dust and simply occupying space now, so a good clearance can transform your house and create more usable space.

What we ask of you is that your junk is clearly identified. Domestic junk may be furniture, kitchen goods, appliances, clothes, soft furnishings and toys, including glass, plastics, papers and packaging materials. Gardens, sheds and garages also tend to be the ultimate destination of household junk. That junk is often a mixture of toys, furniture, electrical items, domestic goods, tools, old garden furniture and equipment. 

When we visit your homes we are always careful in our work. We will always discuss the important details of the job with you, for the convenience and benefit of everyone. Our team will always endeavour to accommodate you by visiting at times which suit your household timetable and be respectful of your home.